News Digest – April 28, 2017

We’ve survived 100 days of Trump.  (Has it really been only 100 days?)  Here’s the latest news.

Trump’s nominees

This week, the Senate confirmed:

  • R. Alexander Acosta to be labor secretary (both Senator Cardin and Senator Van Hollen opposed his nomination),

  • Sonny Perdue to be agriculture secretary (both Senator Cardin and Senator Van Hollen supported his nomination), and

  • Maryland’s Rod Rosenstein to be deputy attorney general (both Senator Cardin and Senator Van Hollen supported his nomination; Senator Cardin also called on Rosenstein to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election).

That leaves just one Cabinet-level nominee to confirm: Robert Lighthizer for U.S. Trade Representative.  The Senate Finance Committee unanimously approved Lighthizer’s nomination, clearing the way for a full Senate vote.  (Neither Senator Cardin nor Senator Van Hollen has said if he supports Lighthizer’s nomination.)

Government shutdown

The House passed a short-term extension to keep the government operating one more week, and the Senate also voted to pass the short-term spending bill, known as a continuing resolution.

Trump’s businesses

Senator Cardin confirmed that Senate Democrats are exploring a lawsuit against President Trump on the grounds that his businesses create conflicts of interest that violate the Constitution.  Meanwhile, Congressman Cummings (MD-7) and Representative Chaffetz asked the Trump Organization to explain its plans to donate profits from payments made by officials of foreign governments. (More here.)

Michael Flynn

Congressman Cummings (MD-7) said that Michael Flynn took money from Russia and must give it back.

  • More on the investigation’s findings here

Congressman Cummings (MD-7) said the White House is stonewalling, covering up for Flynn.


Congressman Sarbanes (MD-3) is pushing a bill to increase federal funds for aging water systems

Trump’s tax returns

Congressman Sarbanes (MD-3) spoke yesterday about why Americans deserve to see Trump’s tax returns.

Trump’s EO on sanctuary cities

Congressman Cummings (MD-7) applauds a judge’s ruling finding Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities unconstitutional.

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