Indivisible groups push Hogan to commit Maryland to Paris Agreement

Members of Maryland’s federal delegation, including Representatives Cummings (MD-7), Ruppersberger (MD-2), and Sarbanes (MD-3) recently issued a joint statement asking Governor Hogan speak out against the President’s decision to pull the US out the Paris agreement. Both Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz have issued commitments to honor the Paris agreement. Unlike governors of neighboring states such as Delaware, Virginia, and North Carolina, Governor Hogan has issued, at best, tepid criticism of President Trump’s decision, and has hinted that he is opposed to doing anything further on the issue.

Today, a total of 19 Maryland Indivisible groups have released a joint letter urging Governor Hogan to commit Maryland to the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan group of states committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement. The following Indivisible groups have signed the letter:

  • BMore Indivisible
  • MD 7th Congressional District Indivisible
  • Indivisible Towson
  • Indivisible North Baltimore County
  • Catonsville Indivisible
  • Abell Community Resistance
  • Anne Arundel County Indivisible
  • Indivisible Montgomery
  • Indivisible Cabin John
  • Indivisible Worcestor MD
  • Indivisible All In
  • Hear Us, Hogan
  • Bannockburn Reason for Action
  • Women Indivisible Strong and Effective (WISE) Severna Park
  • Glen Echo Heights Mobilization
  • One Indivisible
  • MD 3rd Indivisible Against Trump’s Agenda
  • Indivisible D14
  • Indivisible MoCo

The letter highlights the bipartisan nature of the Climate Alliance which includes states with both Democratic and Republican governors and stresses the importance of promoting the global effort to fight climate change:

As you have noted, Maryland has a strong record on fighting climate change, and this past session you signed the Clean Cars Act of 2017 into law, enacting air standards that meet or exceed those set by the Paris Agreement. However, as important as it is for each state and country to do its part to fight climate change, success will ultimately depend on a collective global effort across all nations and states. Towards that end, endorsement of global agreements are absolutely essential to ensuring that state-wide efforts to fight climate change translate into meaningful improvements to our environment.

You can read the full letter here.

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